Customize your Firearm

How to Ship Your Firearm

When you schedule your Cerakoting job with us it is important that you follow proper procedures to ensure that we can get your work completed as quickly as possible. To help assist you in that process we’ve included some useful information on this page.

Download PDF Form
  1. Ensure that you download and print out the PDF Order Form at the link at the top of this page, fill it out, and include it in the shipment. Sending us a package without the order sheet included will add a significant delay to processing your firearm when we receive it.
  2. Look over your firearm to ensure that it is completely unloaded and properly packaged.
  3. When shipping your firearm you can use the company of your choice and are free to insure the product at any amount you’d like or add “Signature Required” on it. Handguns must be shipped overnight, or 2-Day Air by UPS or FedEx (not USPS). Avoid putting anything on the box that can identify its contents as it may make it a target for theft.
  4. When we receive your firearm we will review the package immediately and call you to let you know all items that we’ve received. We are not responsible for items broken or lost during transit.
  5. DO NOT ship any ammo with any firearm.
  6. Be sure to include a copy of your State Identification and please also include a copy of your FFL, Concealed Handgun License (CHL), License to Carry (LTC), or Concealed Carry Weapon permit (CCW) if you have any of these. 
  7. Make sure that we have a way to contact you when sending us your items.

Obey The Law!

In addition to following the process we’ve laid out above please make sure that you’re following ALL federal and local firearm laws during this process. We are a licensed FFL holder so you are able to ship your firearms directly to us. As stated above, please make sure that when shipping a pistol you are using either UPS or FedEx, as USPS will not allow you to ship a pistol if you are not licensed.

Download PDF Form